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If you have an existing domain name and you want to use it with Mozaic, it is a simple 3 step process.
If you have a cPanel account with Mozaic or your own Mozaic private island, follow the steps below.
If you have Mozaic Managed Hosting, contact us and we will map your domain name to your website for you.  

Step 1.
Choose step 1a or 1b depending on your email needs - complet step 1a or 1b, not both.
If you have email setup using the domain name (like G suite or Office 365) you will want to change the A or @ record only (step 1a).
If you do not have a current email address using the domain, you can change the nameservers (step 1b). 

1a. Pointing or Mapping Domain to new Site if you have an existing email provider like Google. 

Go to Domain registrar (Godaddy, Network Solutions, etc.)

In the domains DNS settings, Change the "A" record to (if GoDaddy, change the "@" record to instead)

1b. Pointing Domain to your new site by changing the Nameservers (you do not have existing email)

Go to Domain registrar (Godaddy, Network Solutions, etc.)
In the Domains DNS settings, change the DNS Nameservers

1st  “”



Step 2.
cPanel Domain Mapping  

Log into you cPanel account
Go to

Go to Addon Domains:



Add the values exactly as shown in the example below: (subdomain is the same as the sandbox name)

Use only the values in quotes, do not use the quotes themselves.
There are three settings - the first is your domain name. we will use "" for this example.
The second setting is your subdomain (sandbox) name. use only the portion of your sandbox before the first "." in rthe name. for example, if your sandbox name were "" your subdomain setting would be "example"
The third setting is the path to your domain. It is always set to "public_html" 

In the WP Dashboard for that site:




Map the Domain:





Once Mapped, will appear as valid then change the dropdown to:


(Disabled and entered…)







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